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Score Reel (2024)
Oakland, CA

Current reel for recent work and collaborations, featuring music from Hard To Swallow (official 2024 Cannes selection), Entangled (an original dance premiere), Lindsey Jaworski (mini-doc), and more.

Liner Notes for Getting Out Without Catching Fire (2023)
London, UK

Sound piece for a collection of poetry created and curated by London-based artist and poet, Michele Saint Michel (@michelesaintmichel). Available here.

Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 3.48_edited.jpg

PRIM Safe Space (2021)
Mexico City, MX

Stationed at the globally renowned PRIM art space (@prim_mx), this work features a daily guided meditation by London-based sound meditation master Tracie Storey (@elementalresonance), an art installation, and a soundscape, composed in collaboration with Jacob Lewis Ferguson (@jacoblewisferguson).

Facets Podcast (2022)
Jackson, WY

Composed in collaboration with Jacob Lewis Ferguson (@jacoblewisferguson). This podcast features original theme music and soundscapes to accompany the award-winning KHOL and Stio podcast series, Facets. Click   here   to listen!

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